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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intents

At Templenewsam Halton we aim to provide an ambitious and exciting curriculum that engages all learners and equips them with all the knowledge and skills to tackle an ever-changing world.

The curriculum is designed and delivered so that all children can access the learning and takes into account the differing needs of the children who make up our school community.

We believe strongly that establishing the conditions for great learning are the foundation upon which our curriculum is built. On top of this we introduce a broad range of knowledge and skills that will form the key overall learning throughout a child’s journey in school. Finally, through creativity and adventure we allow our children to explore a range of possibilities that will equip them as the historians, musicians, mathematicians, authors, artists, scientists, geographers and creative thinkers of the future.

Three core values underpin and drive forward our curriculum approach. These are:



We want our children to be excited by what they learn. Our approach to the planning and delivery of our curriculum puts creativity, risk taking and inquiry-based learning at the centre of what we do. Children know that there is no ceiling on their aspirations and we hope to inspire and challenge them in a safe and positive learning environment. Teachers are encouraged to explore a variety of ways to enhance learning whether utilising the outdoors spaces, new technologies or enriching and enhancing with educational visits and visitors. We want all children to develop a sense of wonder and passion about the world around them. 


At Templenewsam Halton we want children to recognise that they form part of a larger community. It all starts with their own class and extends beyond this to include the whole school, our parents and families, our locality of Leeds in which we live and finally out to a wider global community. Our curriculum highlights this sense of belonging and promotes taking responsibility and caring for others whether supporting health and well-being or understanding the fragile condition of our planet and its resources and the part they have to play in sustaining and protecting what we have. We celebrate the diversity in our own school and the culturally rich community that extends beyond this making sure that children leave us with an open mind and kind heart.


In a world of fast-moving technology designed to aid communication we want to grow learners that can communicate in a variety of ways. We embrace new approaches whilst helping children to understand that communication isn’t just email and text. Through the curriculum we create opportunities for children to work collaboratively and share what they have learnt in a variety of ways. We want our children to be confident and able to express opinions and choices in a way that is respectful, accurate and appropriate to the audience. Children will benefit from being immersed in a language rich environment and will develop inquisitive, well informed minds with an ability to be at ease when communicating ideas and information to others. 

We want Templenewsam Halton to have a huge positive impact on each and every child. Children will leave us with a broad set of skills and a thirst for knowledge that creates high aspirations for their future.   

Click a file below to view our curriculum intents

Curriculum Intent Art(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent DT(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent English(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent History(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent Maths(pdf)

Created March 2023

Curriculum Intent MFL(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent Music(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent PE(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent PSHE(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent RE(pdf)

Created August 2022

Curriculum Intent Science(pdf)

Created August 2022


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